We are a network of translators, interpreters, voice-over talents, multilingual web masters and other experienced professionals. We have very little overhead and we can pass these benefits on to our customers, hence we are indeed considerably less expensive than the competitors. We deliver efficient solutions to the simple and to the most complex multilingual communication needs.

"Deliver Your Unique Message 
to the Many Voices of Your Marketplace"

Providing accurate, high-quality 
professional language and communication services 
at competitive rates.
Flexibility and adaptability to suit any of our clients needs.
Offer reliable results and quick turnarounds.

Who is our competition?
The interpreting/translation agencies!
If you call them for language services, they will pass it on to a language specialist : remember that very rarely an agency has linguists on their staff.
We are all professional linguists with different backgrounds and specializations.

Proudly based in the Chicagoland area, we offer a complete foreign language service, including translation, interpretation, voice-over, multilingual web design, software localization, typesetting, desktop solutions, and many other communication services.


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