More than half of Internet users do not speak English as their first language. The multilingual marketplace is rapidly evolving, offering viable revenue opportunities that require a competitive marketing strategy. 

A research has shown that if a web site is written in the user's native language: 

  • Visitors will stay twice as long. 

  • Business users are three times more likely to buy. 

  • Customer service costs drop.

Taking this research into account it is obvious that companies that are serious about International trade must look to making their website multilingual. Is your company ready to understand and to be understood in the multinational marketplace? 

Whether you want a multilingual e-commerce website, or a standard multilingual website, we are able to assist you. We can plan, design and develop multilingual websites that meet your requirements.

Lingua Pros provides professional and personalized services for your web design, web development, e-commerce deploy, web site translation and multimedia design needs and assists in achieving success with your e-business.

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